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September 27 2017
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August 7 2017
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Nkandu Beltz is a patron for “A cry of an Orphan Home”. This is a registered organization and was found by a Zambian Entrepreneur Teddy Kalimanshi in 2013.

The foundation supports orphans, widows, vulnerable women, the deaf and old people by providing educational projects and providing basic needs.

We have established 100 ACAH community schools across Zambia. We have managed to help most of these children attend Universities and the graduates are now working in Government institutions and private sector. We have trained 15000 women and girls in catering services, computer skills, tailoring and entrepreneurship. We have more than 40,000 orphans in a 100 community schools across Zambia.

In 2018, Teddy was honoured by the President of Zambia with an Insignia of honour for his Charity work. We currently have 15,000 women receiving training across Zambia.