Publishing Courses
Public Speaking, Coaching and Mentoring Program :
7 steps to effectively Craft and Share your message
    Leadership & Branding

  • Presentation Strategies
  • Target Audience
  • Getting PR
  • Enquiry Form
  • Getting Paid
  • Charisma

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Learn Seven easy steps to successful publishing
    Limiting beliefs

  • Prepare Book Brainstorm. Publish with purpose.
  • Produce Manuscript, how to create book content. Here we focus on the structure of your book.
  • Package…. Book design. Secrets to designing your book cover and inside pages
  • Publish… Bring your book to life the fastest way
  • Cataloguing your book, getting the necessary codes
  • Promote. Go from nowhere to everywhere and reach thousands with your message. Get your book in libraries, bookstore, online bookstores
  • How to book launch like a star.

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