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  • Zimbabwe
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Kasempa, North western Province (   Zambia ) Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Iron Ore, Lead
Kasempa (   Zambia ) Copper
Lufwanyama, Copperbelt Province (   Zambia ) Copper, Gold and Platinum
Maamba, Southern Province (   Zambia ) Coal
Kasempa (   Zambia ) Copper
Mkushi District of the Central of Zambia (   Zambia ) Copper, Gold, Manganese and Cobalt
Kasempa, Northwestern Province (   Zambia ) Copper, Gold, Cobalt, Silver
Mwinilunga, Northwestern Province (   Zambia ) Copper, Malachite, Cobalt, Gold and Iron
Northeast Petauke District
Eastern Province – Zambia (   Zambia )
Iron Oxide Copper Gold
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Why Invest in Zambia?
The country’s central and hub location in the region as well as a combination of the following key strengths makes Zambia an ideal investment location: 

  • Peace and a stable political system
  • Positive and investor-friendly economic environment
  • Guarantees and security to investors with legislated rights to full and market value compensation
  • Abundant natural resources presenting excellent investment and trade opportunities
  • Thriving private sector
  • Attractive investment incentives
  • Unlimited repatriation of profits
  • Progressive banking, legal and insurance services of international standards and stock exchange market
  • Duty-free access to regional, wider Africa, EU and USA markets
  • Good place to work and live with sub-tropical climate, friendly people, mostly English speaking, open-air lifestyle with nature reserves, game parks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls
Incentives for Mining
Mining companies have additional incentives in addition to general ones as follows: 

  • Period of carry forward of mining losses has been extended from 5 to 10 years
  • Withholding tax on interest, rent, consultancy, royalties and dividends is only 15 percent
  • The restriction of offsetting losses against profits which is limited to 20 percent for mines with a common owner have been removed so that 100 percent of the losses can be offset
  • Duty free importation of capital equipment and utility vehicles, capital allowance increased to 100 percent
  • Input tax claim for five years on pre-production expenditure for exploration companies in the mining sector
  • Zero rate on mining products for export

Please note that there is also a 30 percent corporate tax for mining.

Agriculture companies have the following specific incentives:

  • Dividends payable to farmers are tax exempt for the first 5 years of operation
  • Capital expenditure on farm improvements qualifies for an allowance of 20 percent per annum for each of the first five years
  • Substantial rate of depreciation allowing farm machinery to be written off against tax
  • Special development allowances for growing certain crops: tea, coffee, bananas, citrus, and other similar trees
  • Input tax claim tax claim for three months prior to VAT registration for businesses that have already commenced trading
  • Reduction of VAT rate for in tax free zones
  • Selected agricultural equipment and accessories at“ zero rated for VAT: two wheel tractor and accessories; tractors up to 60 horse power; ploughs; harrows; disc harrows; planters; seeders; rippers; sub-soilers; cultivators; pump sets; treadle pumps; hip pumps; hand pumps; knap sack sprayers; and suction, delivery and lay flat hoses.
Zimbabwe presents the following unique selling points to potential investors: 

  • Centrally and strategically located in the SADC region which provides a regional gateway (North-South Corridor) & access to major regional markets of SADC/ COMESA
  • Strong human capital base – highest literacy rate in Africa of 90,7% (the African Economist, 2015)
  • Use of multicurrency systems which eliminate exchange rate risk.
  • Fully liberalised current account which facilitates ease of doing business.
  • Dividends are freely remittable.
  • Resource endowment with over 55 exploitable important minerals/materials resources
  • Country’s strength in resource endowment, education &well-developed mining industry which made it to win bid to host the Pan African Minerals University of Science and Technology
  • Pro-market policies that government is implementing such as Ease of Doing Business reform initiatives.
  • Existence of Investment Promotion & Protection Agreements (Bilateral and Multilateral)
  • Voted World Best Climate (tied with Malta) (International Living Magazine, 2011)
  • Voted World Best Tourism Destination (European Council on Tourism and Trade, 2014)
Zimbabwe Fact Profile
Total Area 3,90,757 square kilometers
Land 3,86,670 square kilometers
Water 4,087 square kilometers
Border Countries Botswana (West), Mozambique (East), South Africa (South), Zambia (North)
Capital City Harare
Official Language English
Climate Tropical low temperatures from April to July. It is warm to hot From August to October. The rainy season begins in November and ends in March.
Population +/- 13 million (2012)
Annual Population Growth 1.1%
Literacy Level 90%
Major Economic Sectors Agriculture, (18.5% of GDP – backbone of the country), Mining (4% of GDP, over 60 minerals, largely untapped), Manufacturing (15.5% of GDP, diverse), Tourism (6% of GDP) [2016 statistics]
Financial Sector Well established and sophisticated
Infrastructure and Energy Good road, rail and air transport network, modern communications systems, hydro & thermal power
Access to markets Membership to SADC, COMESA, ACP, GSP, WTO
Source: ZIMSTAT & Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
Minerals in Zimbabwe
Mineral Estimated Resource
Gold 13 million tonnes
Platinum 2.8 billion tonnes
Chromite 930 million tonnes
Coal 26 billion tonnes
Nickel 4.5 million tonnes
Diamonds 16.5 million tonnes
Iron Ore 30 billion tonnes
Copper 5.2 million tonnes
Coal Bed Methane Largest known reserves in Southern Africa, exploration work ongoing.
Source: Ministry of Mines and Mining Development
African projects seeking investors
  • Cooper
  • Gold
  • Cobalt
  • Nickle
  • Lithium
  • Tin
  • Ferrochrome
  • Tungsten
  • PEG
  • Emeralds