Investment Highlights
A private company focused on delivering tangible growth in the Mining in Zambia.
The business solves a key problem for customers in the Emerald, Copper and Coal Mining in Zambia. Our preliminary research shows that the broad market size is 2.47 Billion USD
Expected Business Valuation of $33.3 Million within 5 Years
We have undertaken detailed scenario analysis as part of our business planning process and believe that the above valuation is the most likely outcome from execution of our Business Plan.
Our Value Proposition
“To Offer carefully selected and expertly developed/ operationalised mines for sale early in the extraction cycle.”
“we understand the operating environment in Zambia and are able to achieve out comes not typically possible due to relation ship swith key government officials. This local expertise combined with our established relationships with capital sources in Australia,the UAE and Africa ensures we are well position in the face of competitors. ”
What We Do
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Chalo Mining identify high-potential mining exploration projects in Zambia, acquire mining tenements, commission mining operations (proof of concept) and then sell the developed mine.
Chalo Mining aims to provide ongoing employment and economic development for people in Zambia through operationalising mining tenements and extracting Emeralds, Copper or Coal, whilst earning an exceptional return on investment for our shareholders. Our unique competitive advantage is derived from our a founder with deep government connections in Zambia.
An investment in Beltz Pty. Ltd. offers the following hard won benefits:
  • A founder with dual citizenship (Zambia and Australia) who is familiar with both legal and business operating environments
  • A list of qualified opportunities that enables the business to rapidly commence due diligence and preparation of the first investment opportunity in Zambia
  • Minimal overhead operating costs due to the dual office structure (Zambia and Perth, Australia) that utilises low cost resources where possible
  • Full return of capital for each project is possible within a 2 year of timeframe with a target gain of at least 100%
Our proven track record of delivery results from several major achievements to date:

  • been able to identify high-potential mining assets that will form the basis of our initial project selection and have tested the investment market in relation to their interest in investing in a mining explorer targeting opportunities in Zambia
  • a strong understanding of the operating environment in Zambia and have engaged with key resources who can move the projects forward
These achievements position Chalo Mining strongly to achieve our ambitious future plans.
Development and Investment Milestones
We have aligned investment rounds with clear and measurable development Milestones.

  • Business Preparations - ensure the that the business is appropriately structured for growth and to ensure that relationships, protection, structures and agreements are in place to enable us to maximise value to our shareholders
  • Secure First Development Project - undertake our initial feasibility assessment, prepare our first information memorandum and secure our first mining tenement on preferential terms
  • Commission and Dispose of first Development Project - operationalise the first investment and undertake mineral production to a level required to demonstrate the value uplift to a potential acquirer. Prepare the be site for sale and prove the business model by selling the mine via a broker and identifying a second site to develop.