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August 7 2017
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Pamodzi Leadership Academy Zambia
From a very young age, Nkandu has dedicated her life to improving the lives of others. She has been a strong advocate for equal rights. Nkandu established the Youth Empowerment Program Australia that delivers skill-based workshops to young people. These workshops are done in schools and Universities. The workshops are to help youth to unleash their brilliance and live an inspired life. The aim is to empower, inspire and engage young people so they can make meaningful changes in their communities.
Pamodzi Leadership Academy is an independent private school which Nkandu and her family are building. The school is still in its infant stage. The land has been purchased in a small village East of Zambia.
Pamodzi, meaning ‘together’ in Chi Chewa a local Zambia language
The so will focus on social enterprise and STEM.
Anyone wishing to donate, volunteer or be part of the team, please click the link below and we will send your more information.